Safeguarding Your Rights: Combating Illegal Creditor Actions During Bankruptcy

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The Power of Bankruptcy Protections: Understanding the Automatic Stay and Discharge Injunction

The bankruptcy process provides essential protections through the automatic stay and discharge injunction. The automatic stay immediately stops collections, while the discharge injunction releases qualifying debt. Any breach of these protections amounts to illegal creditor harassment.

As your legal counsel, we make it a priority to clearly outline what conduct violates these crucial bankruptcy provisions. A thorough understanding of the rules is essential to identify non-compliance and take appropriate action.

Expertise in Handling Complex Bankruptcy Cases

With over 25 years of combined experience in complex bankruptcy litigation, our firm has a proven track record of neutralizing illegal creditor activity through court intervention. Our success is rooted in meticulous documentation and unwavering protection of our clients’ rights.

Rigorously Documenting Creditor Misconduct

During the initial consultation, we focus on examining your accounts of creditor harassment and all supporting documents. No detail is left unscrutinized as we construct an ironclad description of events to present before the judge. This diligence is instrumental in compelling favorable rulings.

Leveraging the Full Authority of Bankruptcy Law

Upon proving clear violations, we leverage the provisions of the Bankruptcy Code for sanctions against offending parties. Judges tend to view repeat offenders who intentionally breach protections with severity. By petitioning for fines, we send an unequivocal message that the violation of our clients’ rights carries consequences.

Finding Peace of Mind After Bankruptcy

Through compassionate counsel, we have assisted numerous clients in finding peace of mind after bankruptcy by eradicating creditor abuse. If you have experienced violations of the automatic stay or discharge injunction, we invite you to contact Gale Angelo Johnson P.C. for a free initial consultation. Together, we will help you emerge from this process to financial recovery.

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