What is Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy allows individuals overwhelmed by debt to reset their financial lives. This legal process, governed by federal law, provides structured pathways for people to address unmanageable financial obligations. By filing for bankruptcy, individuals can eliminate, reduce, or restructure debts they are unable to repay.


The Role of Bankruptcy Attorneys

The complexity of bankruptcy law often requires the expertise of specialized legal professionals. Bankruptcy attorneys have extensive knowledge of the different bankruptcy chapters and proceedings. They can:


  • Assess clients’ financial situations to determine if bankruptcy is appropriate.
  • Explain the pros and cons of different bankruptcy options.
  • Guide clients through the petition and documentation process.
  • Represent clients throughout court proceedings.

Seasoned bankruptcy lawyers are invaluable in facilitating successful financial fresh starts.


Types of Bankruptcy


There are several bankruptcy chapters, each addressing different financial situations:

  • Chapter 7: Liquidation bankruptcy. Individuals sell non-exempt assets and use funds to repay creditors. Remaining eligible debts are discharged.
  • Chapter 13: Reorganization bankruptcy. Individuals keep assets and repay creditors via 3–5 year court-approved payment plans.
  • Chapter 11: Business reorganization bankruptcy. Businesses undergo financial restructuring while continuing operations and repaying creditors.

Rebuilding Finances Post-Bankruptcy


Although bankruptcy provides immediate debt relief, individuals must engage in strategic financial planning to continue rebuilding their credit and financial health over the long-term. Responsible money management and credit usage are key to establishing stronger financial futures beyond bankruptcy.

Contact our bankruptcy attorneys at Gale Angelo Johnson P.C. today to explore whether bankruptcy is the right debt relief option for your financial situation. Their seasoned legal expertise can help guide you through the bankruptcy process and develop a plan to rebuild your finances.

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